Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sticky Lemon Chicken

Not too many pictures for this one, as there was a lot of time just waiting for the chicken to cook through.

We started by searing the chicken in a little bit of hot oil with garlic

The chicken starting to cook but slowly, so in the mean time we made the sides

Mashed potatoes using the closest thing we had to a masher - they turned out amazingly smooth considering

The chicken simmering with the honey, sherry vinegar, parsley and lemons

The reduced sauce - nice and sticky, and the last of the asparagus roasted with salt and pepper

The sauce was deliciously lemony and went nicely over the potatoes and asparagus and the chicken was nice and juicy from cooking in all that liquid.

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  1. Laura! I didn't realize you had this amazing blog until I saw your comment on my Eric Ripert post. I started investigating as soon as I knew you had to be a foodie!
    When I saw this post, my first thought was - Gordon Ramsay! And sure enough, the next post down was...Gordon Ramsay. You and J are beautiful and make beautiful food! This is such a treat!