Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A New Year, A New Adventure

What would a new year be without some sort of crazy plan?! This year we're going to be making good on our plans of "Someday, we'll move back to Canada." That someday is coming really soon in fact! We'll be moving to Waterloo, Ontario at the end of February. Jerome will be transferring his job to the office there. It'll be another adventure, moving to a new city and looking for a house, all with little Lily in tow this time! Seems like a good tame adventure to start her with, so that she can work up to scuba diving and deserted islands!

We've really loved living in California with all the amazing things and weather it has to offer, but we're also really looking forward to being a lot closer to family.To the friends we'll be leaving behind - we'll miss you very much! And to those that we'll be closer to - we look forward to getting to see you a lot more! It's a bit hectic getting everything sorted out for the big move, especially with a little one to play with all the time, but she seems to be having lots of fun and is growing up so fast already and it feels like she's changing everyday!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lily's First 2 Months

Time is flying by, and Lily is now over 2 months old!! It's been challenging and wonderful, and really fun getting to know her. She's already grown and changed a lot! She's more than doubled her birth weight, and is much more alert and active now. Here are the link to the albums of her first two months.  Apologies again, if you've seen them already.

Lily's 1st Month 

Lily's 2nd Month

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pictures from Lily's first 10 days

We've been out of hospital for just over a week now.  Everyone's healthy and doing well, but we're still adjusting the new round-the-clock breastfeeding schedule. We've had some ups and downs with Lily gaining a ton of weight the first few days, and then plateauing, but the newborn care centre here is really amazing and helpful and have helped us tweak our plan to hopefully improve her weight gain again.

We're enjoying our time getting to know our cute little one, and seeing all the funny faces she makes.

Here's an album of pictures of Lily's first 10 days.  Apologies to those of you who might have already seen some of these pictures on Facebook.