Monday, April 13, 2009

LAM's Easter Dinner

So although its not as much fun when we're not cooking together, we thought maybe for Easter we could cook together in spirit. So both Jerome and I came up with Easter dinner menues to serve at our respective feasts. Here is the story of my day o' Easter cooking.

Guests: My Mum and Dad and Gramma

Appetizer: Hot Cheesy Artichoke Dip

Main: Garden herb leg of lamb with lemon roasted potatoes and pearl onions

Side: Asparagus

Dessert: Chocolate meringue bites

So it all started very early in the morning, whipping up lots of egg whites to make the meringue. The hard part was actually mixing in all the sugar and cocoa, I think my meringues probably deflated more than ideally, but it was hard to fold the cocoa in without it being all speckly.

Two and a half hours of baking later, they turned out pretty well despite the folding incidents. This recipe was from a Williams-Sonoma book that I got my Dad last Christmas.

Next was prepping the roasting bed. In order to peel the pearl onions I poured boiling water over them and then let them cool. This loosened the skins. My Mum very kindly peeled them for me while I was whipping my meringues earlier in the day resulting in her fingers being dyed yellow for the rest of the day.

The leg of lamb unrolled and ready to be rubbed with herbs and garlic. This Easter lamb recipe is from a blog I follow called The Kitchn which always has neat recipes and tips and stuff. I thought it would be fitting for LAM to cook Lamb, and it is something special that we don't often have and I've never cooked lamb before so it seemed like a good recipe for trying.

The leg all tied up and ready to roast. The lemons on top of the veggies gave a really nice flavour to the potatoes and onions. There aren't many action shots this time as it is hard to remember to take them on your own as well as being hard to do.

Once the lamb was in the oven, I made the cheesy artichoke dip which is a family favorite and old stand-by.

My first lamb roast coming out of the oven.

The potatoes and onions and lemons roasted nicely.

Carving, and hoping it is the right level of doneness. It worked out pretty well, one side was medium and the other was medium rare.

The table decorated and dinner about to be served.



Another shot of the table with some things to note. Mini eggs were also on the dessert menu =) The beautiful candle that Kim gave my mum for Christmas, and the Ukranian Easter Eggs on the right that we spent the day dying on Good Friday.

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  1. You had hot cheesy artichoke dip too! Copycat! Menu stealer!