Monday, April 7, 2014

Vera Falls

Jerome -- Vera Falls seems like its straight out of a movie. It's a fairly small waterfall that falls into a cascading set of clear swimming pools.  The water is nice and cool (almost too cold for some of the locals, but it was perfect for me). The falls are small enough that you can dive under them, and surface in a small cave behind them.  The locals were super-friendly.  The guy who looks after the area invited us to camp there next time we visit.

It's a bit of a challenge to get to - the roads  are narrow where they exist (the rest is just a rocky path).  We hired a Taxi driver (Dan - 090-535-86095) to take us around for the day for around 4000 Pesos.  We visited the beach at Barcacay, Vera Falls, and the rest house 1/3 up Mayon Volcano - but the falls were the highlight for me.

A view from the Mayon Resthouse

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