Sunday, April 6, 2014

ATVing around the Mayon Volcano

Jerome -- We did more than just eat spicy food in Legazpi (although Laura was a huge fan of the chili ice cream).

We rented ATVs and did a 2 hour ride to the lava flows from 2006 eruption.  We rented the bigger 350cc ATVs.  They were very comfortable. The peak of the volcano is often obscured by clouds, but we were lucky enough to have a clear view - quite spectacular!  It is said that Mayon is one of the most symmetrical volcanos.

When we reached the peak, we had fresh coconut water.  Once we were done the water, they split the coconuts for us and fashioned a spoon from the husk in order to eat the meat.  Very refreshing after all that time in the sun!

Our guide was really proud of his 'trick shots'.  Here's a couple of his best:

All-in-all, a very fun afternoon ATVing!

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  1. ATV'ing around volcanoes? This is so badass.

    These pics are awesome, I feel like I'm there!