Friday, April 11, 2014

The rice terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

Jerome -- We spent the last 3 days visiting the rice terraces around Banaue and Batad.  The rice terraces were built over 2000 years ago and are a UNESCO world heritage site.

We had a great guide take us around (Irene Binalit and explain a lot about the local culture and traditions. On the first day, visited a couple terraces by jeepney (a very common, and colorful, mode of public transportation here).

On the second day we hiked to the more remote village of Batad.  No roads lead in, so its about a 2h hike from the road.  We stayed overnight in Batad at Ramon's Homestay, in their native Nipa hut.  Facilities were pretty primitive, but we had a great time.


As some of you may know, Laura isn't a huge fan of open-backed stairs or narrow ledges.  She did great on the rice terraces nevertheless!

Our escorts on the second day of trekking (from Ramon's):  Biscuit, Pilay, and Hatch I.

We also got to see some of the locals preparing roasted rice wine (the wine was quite sweet, but very nice!).  

We're gearing up for another 11 hour bus ride back  to Manila overnight... then its off to Coron!

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