Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Valentines Day Beef Wellington

Preparing the mushrooms

Cooking the water out of the mushrooms

Our cut of beef filet

The water evaporating out of the mushrooms

Beef seasoned and seared
Lathering it in English mustard
A layer of cling wrap, panchetta, mushroom and beef

All wrapped up, ready to chill
Egg washing the puff pastry liberally
All the parts are together and ready to go
Wrapping everything up tightly
Now hoping the cooking will go well
Egg washed and slit on top, ready for the oven

Waiting semi-patiently

Thermometer says its the right temperature and it looks done

Wellington wine to go with the beef wellington
First cut looks perfect
Hungry after all that hard work
Perfectly cooked and very tasty

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