Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fish Box #4: Fried garlic petrale sole

This was our last fish box we got before the end of the fishing season. It was fillets of Petrale Sole. Jerome had just gotten a new cookbook - The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria. He's the chef for El Bulli, the craziest restaurant in the world! Anyways it has all these recipes in photo form that are pretty straight forward and that give you time lines etc for a 3 course meal. So we attempted Fried Fish with Garlic

The Sole after being rinsed and patted dry. 

Step by step photos in a step by step description!! 

Start by frying some sliced garlic in a small amount of oil. 

Drain the garlic from the oil and get it all of so it doesn't get soggy. 

Jerome Concentrating very hard on pan frying the fish. 

We decided to leave the skin on. It got fairly crispy, and was pretty tasty and is supposed to be pretty good for you. You top the fish with the garlic and a dressing of sherry vinegar and some olive oil. It was okay, not spectacular though. We were a bit sad. I think part of it is that the fish wasn't as flavourful as some of the other fish and we didn't quite master the pan frying. The texture of the garlic was interesting, but not very deep in flavour. Overall not our best/tastiest fish box. Now that the seasons over and there won't be any fish boxes for a while we're going to try and keep buying fish every few weeks and keep trying new things as the fish boxes helped us get more confident in cooking and knowing what types of fish we enjoy. 

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