Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meat Box 1a: New York Steak

The first thing we cooked from our Meat Box were the two aged new york steaks. They were each about 1/3 of a pound, grass fed, free range etc. They were very evenly sized and had a bit of marbling in them. 

We brought them to room temperature, patted them dry and seasoned them with salt and pepper. 

To go with it, we cut some tomatoes into thick slices and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Ground some salt and pepper on the top and broiled them. 

We flipped them once the top started cooking, and sprinkled some parmesan cheese over the top and put back until they started to brown on that side. 

Jerome was in charge of cooking the steaks while I worried about the sides. Because they were pretty thin steaks we had to cook it at pretty high heat to get a nice sear on the sides without overcooking the middle. A bit of a challenge, but Jerome did a great job. He got a nice colour on both sides and then added a tiny bit of butter to the pan to finish them off while keeping them medium rare. 

We also made some mashed potatoes to round everything out. It was all pretty tasty! We wanted to keep it very simple this time to be able to taste the meat itself. Next time we may try a saucier approach!


  1. How was the grass fed beef? Were you able to detect a difference?

  2. Ehren - Um, it was a bit hard to tell, the steaks were very thin, so you got more of the flavour of the seasoning and such, but they were definitely tasty.

    Aaron - We do too! As you'll see since it's in pretty much every post, because we use it for everything!