Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where are we going?

We've been using Google Spreadsheets and MyMaps to plan our trip.

We use Google Spreadsheets to track everything: our detailed itinerary (including hotel and travel reservations), todo lists, expenses, contact information.  Spreadsheets is sync'd offline to our phones, so we'll be able to view it, even without a data connection.

We've been using Maps mostly to figure out where to go. I really liked using directions to come up with very quick route options.  Here's some of the routes we rejected:

We were originally thought about renting a car and driving the whole time.  Renault has a program that allows you to rent a brand new car for a long period of time quite economically (almost as cheap as a railpass).  We ended up deciding against driving because:  1) cars are a burden in big cities 2) we have more flexibility without a car - we can easily pick up cheap flights ($80/pp from Warsaw to Rome!)

Below is the latest iteration of our route.  Up until Morocco, our plans are fairly solid. We're still working on where exactly we'll go in Morocco, Spain and southern France.  Blue lines represent trains or buses.  Orange lines are flights.  Blue markers are places we're staying, pink markers are places we might visit as day trips.

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