Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quinn Popcorn

So this fall, Jerome discovered and we funded a few cool food related projects. Including a new restaurant in the city, some fancy handmade vanilla, some cool spice mixes and this neat popcorn! 

Quinn popcorn was the idea of a couple of people who wanted to make popcorn cooler. They needed funding to set up the equipment etc to start producing and packaging their stuff. So we sponsored them enough to get a box of their popcorn. It's pretty neat. The ingredients are organic and not genetically modified, and they've updated the packaging so that it doesn't have all the chemicals and coatings in it, it's more like wax or parchment paper I guess. They also decided to have more interesting and natural flavour options than the standard buttery flavouring. We chose was Vermont Maple and Sea Salt, which seemed pretty cool. 

As you can see, the packaging is really nice! How it works is you pop the popcorn in the bag, and then one of the packages has a pressed oil inside of it instead of the usual hydrogenated buttery goo. And then the other package has the flavour ingredients. 

It popped up very nicely! Very similarly to regular popcorn. 

Jerome carefully adding the oil.

Checking that it coated okay so that the seasoning would stick. 

Then we added the maple sea salt flavouring. Making sure to shake it up well so that we got some on each piece. The sweet and salty combination was really nicely done. We both enjoyed it throughly, and were happy to have done a little bit to help Quinn Popcorn make such tasty treats! If you ever see it somewhere and like popcorn, I'd recommend giving it a shot. 


  1. Oooh, how awesome!! I'd completely forgotten about Kickstarter, thanks for reminding me! Did the restaurant get funded?

  2. Yes it did! We even went in November not long after it opened. I forgot my camera though I think. But for sponsoring we get 2 cooking classes which we haven't done yet, so I'll be sure to remember it then!