Monday, January 16, 2012

In which Kim Came to Visit... And We Ate!

Right before the we went home for the holidays, we had a last minute visit from Kim! We had a really fun 3 days hanging out and exploring San Francisco. Apparently all the photos we took involved food of some sort, so I thought it would be fitting to share some of them here!

The night Kim arrived we took her to Crawdaddy's - the classiest place in town! You get bibs and your food comes in plastic bags!! This doesn't mean it isn't delicious!! We were taking so many photos and having so much fun, the owner brought us a live crawfish to become friends with.

The view from the San Francisco Farmer's Market where we went the next day and wandered and tasted many delicious things. 

Such as this awesome breakfast sandwich from 4505 meats
(the butcher Jerome took the sausage class from)

Tasty Korean tacos

Oh so succulent Sauerkraut 

We then walked an hour to the other side of the city where we stopped at Toronado which has an insane beer list, to rest up a bit before dinner. 
We then stopped at a little gastropub called Magnolia, where we had some oysters and a salami plate.

And finally we ended up at Alembic which we just happened upon, and was really great. They had delicious house cocktails, 

Pork belly burgers, 

Duck hearts with pickled pineapple,

and Bone Marrow with Garlic Confit! 

And somehow we still had room for tasty desserts!

All and all a fun and filling weekend! If you're in San Francisco, we'd heartily recommend all these places! 

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