Friday, April 15, 2011

St. Patty's Day Guiness Cheddar Pie

I think I made this recipe two or three years ago randomly, and liked it. So last year for St. Patrick's day I dug out the recipe and fully intended to make it, and then at 6 pm when Jerome said he was on his way home, I read the actual directions which involve several 1 hour simmering steps, and put it off until the weekend, and then used the beef for something else, and then we drank all the Guinness I had bought for the occasion. And so it was forgotten. 

This year, I was more prepared and actually remembered ahead of time, so planned to have it on the weekend afterwards. I even made sure I hid two of the bottles of Guinness, to ensure we'd have enough to make it. I'm drinking the last of the 6 pack as I write this which is why I remembered I should write about it. That and it was darn tasty. 

The recipe is a Jamie Oliver one and can be found online here. Aside from the stewing and simmering for several hours it's super easy: 

 Once you get everything chopped, you just let it cook, 
Stir a few times if you think of it.

Roll out some puff pastry into a casserole dish,
then pour in the steaming stew.

(I failed to take a picture of the extra sharp cheddar that gets sprinkled on in between these two pictures)

Cover it with the rest of the pastry and cook some more

And you end up with this!! 
My puff pastry shrank a bit and looked funny, (or perhaps it was "Rustic" like Jamie said it should be)
but mixed with the cheesy, stout-y, beefy goodness, it was divine! 

Try it sometime!

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